Motion Design, the new trend in digital marketing.

It’s been three years since the Journal du net asked the question of whether motion design was the new trend in digital marketing. Today, we can confirm that this trend has been established over time and has found its place in any good digital marketing strategy.

That may not tell you anything, and yet you watch it every day, sometimes without knowing it, on your smartphone or your computer, in the stream of advertisements that lines your screens.

But what is Motion Design?

Motion design, also called graphic animation, animated graphics, movement design or animated graphic design is a form of visual art consisting in creating animated works; it involves using movement as the main graphic and artistic tool1

These 2 words simply designate graphic creations set in motion in a short video. For mainly explanatory use, these videos are an excessively effective medium for visual communication. Once the animations are created, we add background music as well as voice-overs. Important information is written and animated so that it can be viewed everywhere and in complete discretion.

These videos have now proven themselves and guarantee us a conversion rate of 96% on a publication to which a video is attached.

We can note an exponential craze of brands for videos in motion design in recent times. Certainly due to the ubiquitous use of smartphones and tablets at home, at work, and especially in public transport. Another reason: the increase in bandwidths which favor the downloading of videos on mobiles.

Teenagers and adults spending between 2 and 5 hours a day in front of a screen to “distract themselves”, it is estimated that during this time, they will consciously or unconsciously watch a dozen motion design advertisements.

Motion Design has therefore conquered the web!

In a market society where attracting the eye of the consumer is a necessity for any advertiser, animated videos in 2d or 3d have therefore clearly proven their effectiveness. In addition, a video of less than a minute attracts far more viewers than a long explanatory text to read. Motion design thus illustrates the messages of a brand with distraction and dynamism.

When we know that in 2020, almost 80% of web content will consist of videos, the question no longer arises.

Let’s talk about SEO … If we consider motion design as part of the video field, it has unrivaled advantages such as flawless SEO. Your visibility on search engines and especially on social networks really increases thanks to videos and this practice is all the more visible on social networks because there is a great virality and sharing is done very quickly.

However, know how to build a certain balance in your communication strategy. Indeed, you should not use motion design excessively for everything and anything. Your approach must have meaning. Admittedly, this practice is a “plus” but we should not underestimate the scope of traditional graphic creations either.

You now know that motion design can perfectly integrate into your content marketing strategy and we are here to support you in carrying out your animated campaigns … Do not hesitate to contact us for more details! We will be happy to inform or advise you.

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