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About Waikiki.

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Who are we?

Waikiki is an agency specializing in the creation of innovative communication media combining various audiovisual techniques (video, animation, motion design, interactive video...) and online video communication strategies. Its goal is to realize the perfect blend to develop and enhance your video communication on the internet.

To achieve it, we put communication at the heart of our strategy: we always keep in touch with you, we listen to you and advise you at every stage of your project.

The message remains at the centerof our preoccupations, and in order to avoid a details' saturation point, we consider that simplicity is the key for a successful communication campaign.

Humour will definitly help us a lot as it helps in understanding difficult messages and encourages re-assessment... It is a powerful tool that we always strive for use with accuracy.

Finally, we consider that everything we do has a social and environmental impact: since Waikiki claims to be "responsible", we only accept projects that respect our values of integrity and respect.

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Videos, animations, motion design,... This quick scan introduce our skills in a few seconds... Enjoy!

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Why using video marketing?

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Marketing campaigns using video generates 41% more web trafic than non-users.

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52% of the marketing professionals cite video as the media that generates the best return on investment.

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64% of Internet users are more likely to buy a product on an eCommerce website after watching a video.

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4 time more consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than having reading its content.

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Videos placed on social networks generates 1200% more shares than the written and graphic content added.

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...But 62% of consumer are more likely to have a negative opinion about a brand that publishes a poor quality video.

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